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How Often Should I Have My Deck Washed?

Deck cleaning

When you value your outdoor space as much as our Manassas clients, deck washing services become routine. Unlike other pressure washing services, however, your deck can go longer between pressure washing services than your house, roof, or driveway.

This raises one big question: how long do you need to wait to have your deck pressure washed after your latest pressure washing?

It All Boils Down To A Few Different Elements

It is generally suggested by most pressure washing experts, such as our own pros, to schedule a deck cleaning every three years. Your deck is more resilient than most other surfaces, hence the longer suggested time between washings. However, there are a few elements that may require shortened periods between washings, such as:

  • Warmer or colder climates.
  • The rate of monthly or yearly precipitation in your area.
  • Proximity to structures that spread pollutants, such as factories.
  • Frequency of foot traffic - do you host a lot of outdoor events year round?

If you experience any of the above, then you may want to have your deck washed more often than every three years.

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